Why TethrOn

Need Offline Support for Your Mobile Apps?

“According to Forrester Research in a recent report titled ‘Brief: Mobile Middleware – Right Or Wrong?’ (3/21/14, Facemire, Hammond), “Supporting a field sales or service organization often requires them to enter orders or access customer or product data even while in a network ‘dead zone.’ While developers can custom-code synchronization… is that an effective use of scarce mobile development skills? Packaged middleware solutions include synchronization capabilities.” “

TethrOn delivers complete offline capability supporting millions of records on the device and ultra high speed synchronization, all without any custom coding.

Lots of Data on the Device

Enterprise mobile users need all their data to work offline. By the time you add up accounts, contacts, opportunities, orders, products and price lists for the average sales rep you’ve got millions of records.  Approaches that restrict offline access to the last few records, or read only access, don’t meet the needs. Other solutions claim to provide a starting point and put the burden of offline coding on you. TethrOn provides a no code, end to end, offline synchronization solution that is proven to handle millions of records with full data manipulation capabilities on the device.

Sync Speed

Mobile users don’t have the time to wait for long sync sessions, causing usage and adoption to plummet.  Attempting to sync directly from a backend to the devices is as painfully slow as the backend systems operate. And synchronizing entire databases is unwieldy and untenable.  TethrOn is blazingly fast.  Parallel threads, supported by the Mobile Data Cache on the TethrOn Server, means no waiting, no delays.

Data Integrity

Most offline solutions are plagued by ‘data divergence’ over a period of time due to inadequate protection against sketchy or dropped connectivity during sync. Often the only solution is for the user to completely refresh the local data. TethrOn has built-in protections and recovery from sketchy or dropped connectivity and has a model of periodic reconciliation of data, insuring no data divergence impact to the user.

Complex Object Models

Serious enterprise apps require complex object models – hierarchies, parent/child, constrained pick lists, etc.  Simplistic solutions either fail to meet enterprise needs, or require the app developer to write custom code.  TethrOn can handle not only the most complex object models, but does so across systems.  And all this is managed through configuration and not code.

Declarative UI

Get your first mobile app released quickly using TethrOn’s declarative UI.  TethrOn allows you to auto-generate your app UI without writing a single line of code. Our declarative UI lets you rapidly get moving with prototyping and early implementation. Publish to native iOS and Android mobile apps. Gather feedback from your users and refine your UI as you move through your project. Use as much or as little of TethrOn’s auto-generated UI or easily extend with your favorite web developer tools.


Shield the App Developer

Solutions that required the app developer to directly orchestrate backends place an enormous burden on the developer – a burden they do not want and cannot afford.  TethrOn not only connects to multiple enterprise systems but also provides backend agnostic APIs to the app developer.

Apps That WOW Your Users

Users expect a best in class experience from their mobile apps.  Solutions that require app developers to spend time coding connections to a variety of enterprise systems and complex offline sync take away from time spent building the app.  Solutions that force app developers to choose specific development tools restrict the developers.  TethrOn frees up developers to focus on delivering the best possible apps by giving them complete freedom to use the development tools they prefer.

Key Features

  • Large local data (>1,000,000 records)
  • Screaming fast sync (>250,000 records/min)
  • Guaranteed data consistency
  • Simplified conflict resolution
  • Connectivity with multiple backend systems
  • Works with your favorite mobile IDE