TethrOn Launches Suite of Quick Start Apps to Accelerate Mobile App Development

October 6, 2016

New TethrOn accelerators for rapidly mobilizing employees  include sales force automation, field service, door-to-door selling and CPG field sales execution.

TethrOn, a leader in mobile app development, today announced a suite of enterprise-grade quick start apps to help enterprises quickly mobilize field sales and service operations with data from one or more enterprise systems.

The release of TethrOn Quick Start apps continues  the company’s rapid pace of mobile innovation. Focused on the needs of remote employees, TethrOn’s suite of Quick Start apps include mobile apps for sales, field service, door-to-door selling and CPG retail execution.

“TethrOn Quick Start apps are a game-changer for mobile app developers. They are fueling rapid innovation in how high-performance employee apps get built, delivered and adopted,” said Billy Hunt, CEO, TethrOn. “No other company can deliver tailored, enterprise-grade apps at the speed of out-of-the-box.”

Apps built using TethrOn Quick Start accelerators on top of TethrOn’s mobile infrastructure services are delivered fast, in weeks not months. On average building an app with TethrOn is five times faster than building a completely custom app.

TethrOn’s Quick Start apps are high-performance, beautiful and follow a responsive design. Modular and extendable, TethrOn apps can be used as they are, or modified to fit a company’s unique business processes.

Using the TethrOn mobile development platform, Cablevision Monterrey deployed their first TethrOn-powered app in two months.  “Our immediate requirement was rapid, low-cost deployment of a door-to-door selling app. TethrOn was ideal for this,” reports José Quiñónez López, Director of I.T., “We delivered our first mobile app in less than sixty days.”

Unleash Enterprise Data and Processes
TethrOn’s mobile development platform unleashes the data trapped in legacy and cloud systems making it available for rapid mobilization. There is no need to migrate or upgrade existing software. Composite apps can be built with data and processes from one or more sources replacing multiple disparate apps.

“TethrOn Quick Start accelerators are the next step in our commitment to simplifying mobility for the world’s most complex heterogeneous networks,” reports Hunt. “We will continue our history of innovation as mobile-enabled employees become the rule, rather than the exception.”

Modular and Extendable
TethrOn Quick Start apps are modular and extendable. They can be connected to a company’s enterprise systems and deployed as they are, or modified. Mobile app developers can easily incorporate company-specific business logic, enterprise object and fields, and sales process workflows.

Best-of-breed Mobile UI/UX
TethrOn’s Quick Start apps follow mobile UI/UX best practices to win adoption through a streamlined, guided user experience. The apps take full advantage of modern device functions including swipes and gestures, GPS, voice-to-text, camera and digital signatures.

TethrOn’s mobile infrastructure services ensure enterprise-grade functionality. Apps perform fast and smooth online and offline overcoming WiFi, carrier and backend constraints. Field employees are free to work anywhere with full access to all the data they need to do great work anytime, anywhere. Security, backend system integration, app lifecycle management, and sync speeds of more than 350,000 records per minute are included.