TethrOn Extends Mobile Development Platform to Unleash Oracle Siebel Data and Processes Rapidly Mobilizing Employees

September 6, 2016

Enhanced mobile development platform assists mobile app developers in rapidly delivering high-performance employee apps that contain data from Oracle Siebel and any other system, without upgrading or migrating legacy and cloud systems.

TethrOn’s mobile development platform assists mobile app developers in rapidly delivering high-performance apps that contain Oracle Siebel data and processes, along with data from any other enterprise system.

The latest release of TethrOn for Oracle Siebel customers includes a suite of Quick Start apps that deliver a modern, native mobile experience for field sales, service, door-to-door sales and CPG retail execution. TethrOn’s Quick Start apps rapidly integrate data and processes from Oracle Siebel through a pre-built connector.

“TethrOn Quick Start apps are a game-changer for mobile app developers. They are fueling rapid innovation in how high-performance employee apps get built, delivered and widely adopted,” said Billy Hunt, CEO, TethrOn. “No other company can deliver tailored, enterprise-grade apps that incorporate data from Siebel and other systems at the speed of out-of-the-box.”

Apps built using TethrOn’s Quick Start accelerators deploy in weeks. On average building an app with TethrOn is five times faster than a completely custom app.

Modular and extendable, TethrOn’s Quick Start apps can be used as they are, or modified to fit a company’s unique business processes. Quick Start apps include access to a library of more than 50 UI components.

Josh Clarke, Director IT, CRM & Marketing Systems for Thermo Fisher Scientific, reports that TethrOn’s flexibility was a key driver in selection. “TethrOn had the right set of capabilities for our needs, the right amount of flexibility in implementation, and was able to deliver a platform that we can scale with.”

TethrOn Mobilizes Siebel without Upgrades or Migrations

Mobilizing highly customized Oracle Siebel systems often requires expensive integrations, custom coding and software upgrades. TethrOn facilitates app delivery by unlocking Oracle Siebel data and processes. The data is then available for integration to mobile apps without the business disruption of upgrading or replacing Siebel.

Apps built with TethrOn are free from the constraints of Oracle Siebel’s awkward user interface, slow processing speeds, bottlenecks and data integration challenges.

“For more than two decades, the team behind TethrOn’s innovative technology has web and mobile-enabled more than 35m users across our client’s sales, call center, partners and customer channels,” continues Hunt. “TethrOn is our latest innovation to help enterprises affordably extend the life of their Siebel investment, without taxing the IT department and their budget.”

Connect Oracle Siebel CRM Data in Days with a Pre-built Connector

TethrOn’s pre-built connector to Oracle Siebel simplifies the extraction of data and processes from any version of Siebel. The connector reduces what has traditionally been an enormous data integration challenge that takes weeks, to one that can be completed within a few days.

Data from Oracle Siebel can be easily combined with data from any other system into a single high-performance mobile app. TethrOn allows app developers to pick the relevant data and processes from each system and build a data-rich mobile app using pre-built connectors or TethrOn’s SDK connector and API.

Richard Napier, Product Review Editor for Siebel Hub tested TethrOn’s integration capabilities.  “It took, in total, less than one hour to have a complete app up and running with Siebel data  ̶  as complete neophytes. And within a few minutes we were able to add data from Salesforce and a custom database with zero code. A task that would have been monumental using Siebel Open UI.”

Enterprise-grade Mobility

TethrOn’s mobile infrastructure services ensure enterprise-grade functionality to any app built on top of TethrOn’s mobile development platform. Apps perform fast and smooth online and offline overcoming WiFi, carrier and backend constraints. Field employees are free to work anywhere with full access to all the data they need to do great work anytime, anywhere. Security, backend system integration, app lifecycle management, and sync speeds of more than 350,000 records per minute are included.