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Building Robust Sugar Mobile Apps Just got a Lot Easier

Easily extend the power of Sugar to deliver exceptional customer relationships, even in the most remote locations where internet access is scarce. TethrOn’s enterprise mobility platform supports the development of data-rich mobile Sugar apps without having to write a single line of code. Back-end enterprise connections, sync, offline access and security is all pre-built for you.

The Code-Free Path to Mobilize Sugar

TethrOn auto-discovers Sugar meta-data, including fields and properties, one-to-many relationships and field pick list values. You simply point-and-click your way to deploying a fully functional mobile app in minutes. No code required. Plus you are able to extend the mobile app UI with specialized UX where desired. Ongoing administration doesn’t require programming either. TethrOn makes it easy for anyone to add new users, remove employees that have left, and lock-out or wipe a device if it is misplaced. Put our “no code” platform to work building limitless mobile apps today. We make it easy to start with our free trial.

Deliver Data-Rich Sugar Mobile Offline

Enterprise mobile users need all their data to work offline. And it can be a lot of data. The average sales rep has hundreds of thousands records. Mobile apps that limit access to the last few records, or are read only, constrain users. TethrOn delivers complete offline capability that supports millions of records on the device and ultra high speed synchronization, all without any custom coding.

Experience Wicked Fast Synchronization

For people working in the field, productivity depends on being able to immediately access complete customer information. Fast synchronization capability is needed to keep the information current. Direct sync from a backend to mobile devices is as painfully slow as the backend systems operate. Synchronizing entire databases is unwieldy and untenable. TethrOn ‘s patented sync technology solves the sync speed challenge by implementing a highly optimized mobile data cache on the TethrOn server. The server scales to support thousands of mobile users and syncs more than 250,000 records per minute. Rapid sync speeds improve customer relationships, boost field productivity, and lead to better adoption and engagement with mobile apps.

Step up to Sugar Mobile Without Limitations

Getting started with TethrOn for Sugar mobile is easy. We’ll work with any Sugar partner to deploy TethrOn as a component of their Sugar implementation. TethrOn can be installed on premise, or in the cloud enabling you to choose the deployment model that works best for your situation. We support any combination of native apps on iOS or Android, or an HTML/Hybrid app using a single mobility platform. Learn more in the Sugar Exchange.