Unleash Siebel Data and Processes and Mobilize your Workforce

No migration. No upgrade. No massive budget

You count on Siebel as the backbone of your CRM. While you may have made the move to cloud software for sales and service in some areas of your organization, your most important business data and processes are still locked inside of Siebel.

Until now, mobilization of Siebel data was considered nearly impossible.

Yes, You can Mobilize Siebel

In months, without a single headache.

To mobilize your workforce you need apps that are high-performance and simple to use.
But, when it comes to Siebel, nothing is simple.

As a Siebel customer you know very well the headaches that come with unlocking data and processes from within Siebel. Siebel was not built for mobility. The system’s complexity curbs user productivity and hamstrings your IT department’s performance.

You’ve been told …

That your highly customized Siebel system will require expensive integrations, custom coding and software upgrades.

It doesn’t have to.

That it will take many, many months and lots of resources (if you ever go live.)

Nope. You can deliver an app in six weeks.

That it will cost millions.

Not true. TethrOn apps cost are at least 1/2 the cost of alternatives.

“TethrOn had the right set of capabilities for our needs, the right amount of flexibility in implementation, and was able to deliver a platform that we can scale with.”

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TethrOn Mobilizes Siebel.
On Time. On Budget. Guaranteed.

Mobilize in Weeks not Months

TethrOn unlocks and mobile-enables Siebel data and processes to build apps that support the way your users work. We’ve mobilized Siebel for some of the largest, and most complex Siebel systems on the planet. Quickly and affordably. And we can do the same for you. Working with your team, or through our professional services organization.

“It took, in total, less than one hour to have a complete app up and running – as complete neophytes.”

– Richard Napier, CRM Advisor, Trainer, Siebel Hub Thought Leader

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20 Years Siebel Know-how | 70+ Siebel Implementations  | 11 Countries | 100% Satisfaction

Building Apps with Siebel Data is Easy

When it comes to building enterprise-grade apps, we’ve done all the heavy lifting. Enterprise connectors, synchronization, offline access, security and scalability are all managed by TethrOn.

Plus, with TethrOn’s quick start accelerators and library of more than 50 UI components, you can be testing your new, Siebel integrated mobile app in less than one day.

We are so confident in TethrOn that we guarantee you success. With TethrOn you can:

  • Simplify and mobilize Siebel data and processes without upgrading.
  • Connect Siebel data in days with our pre-built connectors.
  • Mobilize all your applications, not just Siebel.
  • Quickly assemble the perfect app for each function across your organization.
  • Deliver high performance apps removed from the bottle-necks of legacy and cloud systems.

Give your business users something to celebrate.
Call TethrOn today at +1 (925) 804-6139 so you can deliver apps that get adopted tomorrow.

Frequently Asked Questions

What versions of Siebel does TethrOn work with?

TethrOn works with any supported Siebel version, without requiring an upgrade or mobile integration pack.

How does TethrOn integrate with Siebel?

TethrOn supports web services, REST API available in IP2016 and a direct Java connection for mobilizing Siebel data and processes.

Does TethrOn require that I install software on-premise?

No. TethrOn can be deployed either in the cloud or on-premise.

My Siebel environment has been heavily customized. Will TethrOn support these customizations?

Yes. TethrOn handles OOB and custom objects and fields. It supports the ability to invoke any Siebel web service, business service or workflow process. Validations and other business logic implemented in the Siebel business object layer can be leveraged and enforced for mobile users.

My Siebel environment has poor performance for some operations and under peak user loads. Can TethrOn help mitigate this?

Yes. TethrOn enables Siebel and other backend data to be always available and fast when accessed on mobile devices. The result is an exceptional mobile experience that is not constrained by the performance of backend systems.

Can my app combine data from Siebel and other systems?

Yes. In addition to Siebel, TethrOn provides pre-built connectors to Salesforce, Sugar and MySQL, SQL Server and Oracle RDBMS platforms, as well as a flexible and standards-based integration framework for rapidly integrating to any enterprise system using any transport and format preference.

TethrOn Delivers High-performance Enterprise Apps

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and tens of thousands of dollars.

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