Siebel Hub Review: TethrOn Delivers.

November 30, 2015

Richard Napier | Siebel Hub | October 14, 2015

After a deep dive into TethrOn which includes building a mobile app combining data from Siebel and Salesforce, Richard Napier of Siebel Hub declares “TethrOn Delivers“.

“From the beginning of our walk-through, it has been clear that TethrOn is much more than another gadget solution. TethrOn solves many problems that are stopping customers deploying the Siebel Disconnected Mobile solution today. We see some of them as:

  • Data storage. The Siebel Disconnected Mobile is limited by the browser capability in this respect. Road warriors will need bigger storage than 50Mb. TethrOn delivers massive data storage.
  • Security. The data in the Siebel Disconnected Mobile Client is easily readable, and no capability exists to kill devices or data storage. TethrOn delivers advanced security.
  • Speed. The speed of synchronization, and the nature of the record-level synchronization provided by the Siebel Disconnected Mobile Client is a real showstopper for many. TethrOn delivers speed.
  • Different users need different UI treatments. The idea that Siebel Disconnected Mobile users inherit the standard jQuery-based Open UI is inherently a nice one, but building different UI layouts and menu commands becomes a labor-intensive time consumer since there is no effective Open UI Composer and no professional way to manage extension classes. TethrOn delivers a simple to use graphical composer.
  • Multiple data sources. Siebel is not the only CRM in many companies. Nor is it the only application embedded in many processes. Just getting that up and running in connected mobile on Siebel would be a challenge, let alone disconnected mobile. TethrOn delivers data from any system.

In addition, TethrOn’s quick start apps deliver mobility in 45 days. 

Field Service Quick Start >>
Sales Force Automation Quick Start >>
Door-to-door Selling Quick Start >>
CPG Retail Execution Quick Start >>

Thank you to the team at Siebel Hub for their conscientious and detailed reporting. You can read and watch Richard’s full reports here:

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You can also contact us for a demo of TethrOn where you’ll see firsthand how our code free approach to building mobile apps that combine data from any system, and work as well offline as on, rejoicing,