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Consumer Goods Reps Tax Mobile Salesforce Limits

Supporting consumer goods representatives in the field with mobile Salesforce is not easy. Busy reps fill their days with appointments, many of which are in remote locations.  Thousands of contacts, SKUs, and marketing promotions must be kept updated and it’s not easy when offline access is not supported.

Slow sync times, sketchy connectivity, and poor user experiences all reduce productivity.

Challenges of the Custom Development Path

Building a custom app for consumer goods road warriors is one way to solve the challenge of offline connectivity. But hand coding integration to Salesforce APIs, solving data conflicts, providing offline access and fast syncs add hundreds of thousands of dollars to project costs which complicates and delays deals. And of course, there is always the very real risk, that the project doesn’t deliver on the initial promise, or doesn’t launch at all.

TethrOn Solves Mobile for Consumer Goods Road Warriors

TethrOn’s mobile development platform supports the development of Salesforce mobile apps that work just the way field reps do. Especially when it comes to ubiquitous access to their data and processes that always work, no matter where they are.

Best of all, we do it at nearly half the cost of custom solutions and five times faster. TethrOn’s point and click development UI eliminates the need to write code. Here’s how we help partners and app developers increase profitability for consumer goods companies of all sizes.

Discover the Profitability of Limitless Mobile Salesforce

TethrOn eliminates the constraints of traditional CRM mobile apps. It gives consumer goods representatives complete offline access, so they can update records and take orders anywhere your customers are. Research shows that companies whose field sales are able to log their activities while at the customer’s site witness a 15% higher win rate.

Your representative can update accounts at any time, even with sketchy connectivity, reducing non-selling time by one hour per day.

Finally, using the app is easy because you can design it to work the way your reps do. It’s not Salesforce desktop shoehorned into a mobile app. Easy means happier sales people and deeper adoption.

Try it out for yourself with a fully functional free trial. Within hours you can connect with Salesforce and test sync speed and functionality.