TethrOn Delivers High-performance Enterprise Apps

in 45 days, for 1/2 the Cost*

Mobilizing your field sales and service employees doesn’t have to take months
and tens of thousands of dollars.

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Serious Mobility for Enterprise-grade Apps

Mobilize Any Enterprise System

  • Build composite apps.
  • Data and processes from one or more sources.
  • Use what you have. No rip-and-replace, upgrades or migrations.


  • All the data employees need to do great work.
  • Fast and smooth online/offline.
  • Overcome WiFi, carrier,  backend constraints.
  • Syncs 350k records/min.

Delivers Apps Employees Love

  • Purpose-built for how work gets done best.
  • Streamlines data, processes, best practices.
  • Modern, guided mobile experience.
  • Android/iOS/BYOD.

Been there, tried that? Then you know …

Building Enterprise-grade Apps is Hard

Multiple legacy systems, offline employees, mobile developer shortages, global workforces and a focus on short-term ROI make building enterprise apps a huge challenge for IT departments.

TethrOn Overcomes These Challenges

Say goodbye to failed projects, expensive upgrades, huge project budgets, and unhappy employees.

TethrOn Delivers 100% Customer Satisfaction.

Incredibly Fast Development
You won’t experience long consulting engagements or pipe dream designs at TethrOn. We deliver a functional prototype of your app for testing in one week.

Tailored to Your Business
Your app gets off to a fast start with TethrOn’s accelerators. We extend and integrate your app so that it perfectly fits your needs.

Test TethrOn Before Your Commit
Best of all TethrOn projects are 100% risk-free: if you’re not delighted by what we produce in the first week, you can walk away…without paying a cent.

No Surprises
Your business owners and IT department are kept in the loop as we build your app. Complete transparency ensures we deliver an app that exceeds expectations, every time.

Complete App Lifecycle Management
Manage the complete mobile app lifecycle using a web-based admin console.

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Check the Quick Start Apps Below and Test-drive Them Yourself

logo-white  delivers the exact high-performance app you need

5x faster than alternatives.

Enterprise Mobility Alternatives TethrOn Delivers
Desktop enterprise software crammed onto a mobile device. Purpose-built apps with exactly the data and processes employees need to efficiently do their work. Mobilize legacy and cloud systems without upgrading, or replacing.
Multiple apps, each with data from a single enterprise system. All the data and processes from multiple systems in one single, high-performance app.
First-generation/lite apps (single data source/limited offline/slow sync). Enterprise-grade apps with unlimited data on the device, wicked-fast sync, robust offline, scalable, and in multiple languages.
Expensive, risky custom-built/from scratch systems. Mobile apps 5x faster for 1/2 the cost. On time, on budget, guaranteed.

How We Build Your High-performance Enterprise

App in just 45 days

Keep What you Have • Integrates with any system • No rip and replace • No upgrades

Deliver Apps that Are Loved by Employees

Every app built with TethrOn provides an engaging, employee-centric experience

  • Includes all the records employees need to do their best work in the field
  • All data/processes from one or more enterprise systems,  in a single app
  • Complete offline support to work anywhere
  • Eliminate wasteful waiting  with rapid sync
  • Simplify work tasks with Mobile Moments @Work
  • Leverage the features of mobile devices we all love (Swipe graphics, photos, voice recordings, navigation and more.)

What features do you need in your app?

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TethrOn is Ideal for You if:

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Eliminate the Constraints of Legacy Systems

No matter where your data and business processes reside, TethrOn brings all the information together into a single high-performance mobile app.

TethrOn Works with These Systems, Plus Any Others

Rapidly Mobilize Employees

Request your FREE quote and we will include a customized Project Assessment & Action plan for your app.

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in 45 business days.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can you build a high-performance enterprise app in just 45 days?

Thanks to a library of accelerators that slash nearly 80% of development time, we can deliver your high-performance enterprise app in just 45 days.  We hit the ground running with a pre-built quick start app that is built on top of the TethrOn platform. Additional accelerators dramatically reduce development time for backend integration, system configuration, prototyping, mobile app development, and app lifecycle management.

How much can I save using the TethrOn mobile development platform?

The TethrOn development platform reduces development costs by around fifty percent compared to custom development. We’ve prebuilt to solve the most expensive development items including, data synchronization, integration with other systems such as your ERP, data conflict resolution, security and scalability. Your project fees depend on the scope of your project. Request your free quote and we will contact you to assess and price your project.

Is TethrOn right for my organization?

TethrOn is ideal for organizations that have field sales and service teams that require access to data from multiple enterprise systems.  Placing orders, resolving problems, and updating inventory can all be done, even when offline.

Is TethrOn secure?

Absolutely. TethrOn ensures that your data is secure at rest and in motion. We draw directly from the enterprise backend system for all data authorization to give users only the data they have proper access to. When a user is given access to a piece of information in the backend, they get access to it in the mobile app; when it’s taken away in the backend, it’s taken away in the mobile app.

TethrOn also protects your data in motion, at rest, or in use, through a combination of encryption techniques for both on-device and on-server data, as well as secure transmission and seamless integration with secure connections.

What will my TethrOn-powered app look like?

The user interface is completely customizable to fit your business processes and branding. We leverage our accelerators to deliver this very rapidly.

How does the integration work with my enterprise systems?

TethrOn has multiple options for integrating with your enterprise system:

  • Pre-built connectors to Siebel, Salesforce.com, SugarCRM, 1WorldSync and any RDBMS
  • Auto-discover capability – pre-populate the mobile object model and app UI definition using enterprise systems metadata.
Will my IT team be able to manage this app once it is built?

Of course. Transferring your app in-house can be done in as little as one week, and our training experts make sure your IT team feels 100% confident and comfortable managing it on their own. To make it even easier to maintain (or to build new apps!) you can use your favorite development tools.

Short on IT resources? No worries, TethrOn’s professional services department can take care of app development.

Where is TethrOn deployed?

We deploy your TethrOn app where you like; in the public cloud, private cloud or on-premise.

What does TethrOn Cost?

TethrOn makes mobilizing employees highly affordable. The price for your initial project is quoted based on your requirements (or build your first app with your own development resources). As you roll your app out, TethrOn’s SaaS pricing model scales with adoption. You only pay for active users. This way, we are highly motivated to ensure your app is loved by employees — across your entire organization.

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About TethrOn

TethrOn’s mobile infrastructure services enable enterprises to build apps that rapidly mobilize and optimize employee performance. Data and processes from one or more enterprise systems are integrated into a single high-performance app that works as well offline as it does online.

On average TethrOn apps boost field sales and service productivity 30% with a rapid return on investment. TethrOn deploys five times faster and for one-half the cost of comparable solutions.

TethrOn is a subsidiary of aMind Solutions. TethrOn includes patent-pending technology to mobile-enable legacy software, implementation services, and cloud hosting. The company is headquartered in San Ramon, CA.