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platform-quick-start-apps       Quick Start Apps

Get tailored apps at the speed of out-of-the box. Thanks to TethrOn’s pre-built quick start app accelerators, you can mobilize in weeks, not months, Extend our quick start apps or assemble an entirely new app using TethrOn’s library of more than 50 UI components.

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Device SDKs & Dev Tools


Build apps with native or hybrid patterns, using any IDE that accepts a native component or Cordova plug-in.

TethrOn supports any native, hybrid, or web development tool. This gives developers the complete freedom to use their preferred development tools freeing them to focus on building the best possible apps.

TethrOn Device Component


icon-detection  User-controlled Conflict Resolution

TethrOn detects conflicts at the field level and enables end users to review and control conflicting data through a simple and intuitive interface in the app.

This approach minimizes conflicts versus alternate methods such as record revision number or last updated. With TethrOn end users manage their own data without administrator intervention.

Efficient Bi-directional Sync

The TethrOn Mobile SDK uses field-level synchronization for all data changes and conflict detection, transmitting only relevant data to the server.

A robust set of packaged events is included, along with working implementations in TethrOn’s quick start apps. This provides full sync flexibility.

Highly Secure Data Encryption

TethrOn supports multiple options for encrypting both on-device and transmitted data. All on-device data is stored in a SQLite database and encrypted using SQL Cipher transparent 256-bit AES encryption. Transmitted data can be sent over HTTPS with the option to use a corporate VPN.

Built-In Usage Logging

The TethrOn Device Component provides built-in support for capturing app usage and user action statistics. This data can then be analyzed for app engagement and adoption optimization.

Admin Console


  Versioned Configuration Management

TethrOn’s Server manages configurations through a versioning and release mechanism, keeping work-in-progress changes distinct from what is currently effective.

Active configurations can be exported from a source environment and imported into another, all through the web-based admin console without requiring compiles, server restarts or system downtime.

 Dashboards and Alerting

The administration console includes dashboard and monitoring tools to help administrators understand how the system is running and how employees use it.

Administrators can quickly monitor synchronization frequency, history and data volumes, as well as what employees are doing on their mobile devices.

The console displays proactive alerts triggered from critical events that require attention. Alerts can also be received via email.

TethrOn Server


  Mobile-optimized Data Cache

For an optimal always on, always fast user experience, user syncs are served out of TethrOn’s mobile-optimized data cache. This pattern of managing synchronization on the server has several benefits:

  • Synchronization is significantly faster than alternative methods. For example, syncing directly between devices and backend systems.
  • The server can proactively decide what data should be removed from devices.
  • The heavy lifting where processing power and connectivity is the best.
  • Load spikes during high sync load periods such as territory re-alignments or Monday morning are avoided.

TethrOn’s server data cache ensures all enterprise data that is to be mobilized is kept current with systems of record, as well as securely stored and transmitted to devices.

Enterprise-grade Synchronization

TethrOn’s intelligent sync engine ensures an optimal user experience by minimizing sync times and supporting 1,000’s of records per second through bi-directional incremental sync.

The sync process is extremely efficient, transmitting only the differential changes needed for each device with no duplication of data across users.

The TethrOn Device Component takes care of optimizing complicated sync processing and special cases, including field-level conflict detection, broken sync and sketchy connectivity.

TethrOn’s intelligent sync engine enables the delivery of highly usable apps that work anywhere/anytime, and allows app builders to focus on delivering a great UI/UX.

 Mobile Data Management by Subscription

TethrOn allows administrators to precisely tailor the amount of information that is distributed to each user’s device – all in business-friendly terms that map to your enterprise data model.

The subscription model and rules are declared through the web-based admin console. This method enables fine-grained control for distributing relevant data to devices based on the information users need to do their jobs anywhere, anytime.

 Sketchy Connectivity, Solved

Most offline solutions are plagued by data divergence over a period of time due to inadequate protection against sketchy or dropped connectivity during sync. Often the only solution is for the user to completely refresh the local data.

TethrOn has built-in protections and recovery from sketchy or dropped connectivity and has a model of periodic reconciliation of data, ensuring that your users do not experience data divergence.

 Proactive Pull and Push Change Monitoring

TethrOn’s Mobile Cache Server supports huge data volumes and manages offline device data without programming. It monitors the enterprise systems (pull, push, or both) and maintains a mobile data cache of all changes needed, for all users at any time.

  • Pull – The TethrOn server queries systems for relevant information on a configurable scheduled interval, pulling the information forward into its data cache.
  • Push – The TethrOn server listens for and receives pushes, or streams of information from systems as changes are made.

 Conflict Resolution Resolved

Data conflicts and errors are inevitable when you have field employees working offline.

TethrOn provides built-in support to minimize data conflicts wherever possible through field-level synchronization for conflict detection and handling. If a conflict is detected, users are empowered to resolve them on their own, without administration intervention.

SDK to any Enterprise System

Same SDK with multiple connect and protocol options to securely integrate to any enterprise system.

Service Proxy and Object Proxy

TethrOn provides two major architectural patterns for connecting to enterprise systems:

1. Service Proxy – The TethrOn server interacts with backend connectors or ESB middleware via a service API, typically REST over HTTPS. This is  appropriate for cloud or on-premise deployments.

2. Object Proxy – The TethrOn server includes a compiled backend connector for direct local connection to backend systems, for example JDBC, optimizing data throughput at the expense of closer coupling. The object proxy pattern is appropriate for on-premise deployments only.

Provided Connectors


No matter where your data and business processes reside, TethrOn brings all the information together seamlessly in a single app.

Easily connect to on-premise and SaaS-based systems using our pre-built connectors for Siebel, Salesforce, Sugar and MS SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL databases.

  • Rapidly define the mobile object model across data sources by auto-discovering object meta-data from enterprise systems.
  • Leverage data authorization and access rules established in backend systems.
  • Open, standards-based integration framework and API.
  • Leverage existing middleware deployed in the enterprise for service exposure.