Part 4: Security and Advanced Customizations

October 9, 2015

Richard Napier | Siebel Hub | October 9, 2015

In the final part of the walk-through Richard from Siebel Hub reviewed a few of the important back-office features of the TethrOn platform that are in the minds of project managers. For example; How do we handle lost devices? What kind of user administration control do I have?

Richard also opens the Device UI Editor to demonstrate the capabilities of the designer briefly, so that you can look on with jealously as TethrOn consumes Salesforce UI metadata and rapidly builds a Device UI .

He concludes, “We can only dream / hope that Siebel will work the same way some day.” But, you don’t have to dream, just give us a call 1 (925) 804-6139, and we’ll help you to quickly mobilize your Siebel CRM.

Watch Hitting the Kill Switch When a Device is Lost