Part 3: Adding further Data sources (SFDC, exernal databases etc) into the same App

September 30, 2015

Richard Napier | Siebel Hub | September 23, 2015

In the third part of the walk-through Richard Napier from Siebel Hub moved into an interesting scenario, one that is pretty much impossible in traditional Siebel Connected or Disconnected Mobile. He plugged in Salesforce data and an external database, all into the same App.

Yes it is Siebel and Salesforce together at last!

In the video you will see within minutes how you can  add Salesforce data to your mobile app.  You’ll see how the user interface, still in zero-code mode, auto-detects  the new Objects and proposes to build only the missing List, Edit and Detail pages. No other work is required as the extra Menu Items are added automatically to your App for deployment.

As a bonus, in a second video, Richard takes you through the straightforward process of adding additional data sources.

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