Part 2: TethrOn Build, Release, Run

September 23, 2015

Richard Napier | Siebel Hub | September 23, 2015

In Part 2 of Siebel Hub’s deep dive into TethrOn technology, Richard Napier tests out the user interface creation and the deployment of the iOS or Android app and basic usage in “zero code” mode.

Richard starts with building the first device UI. He discovers the user interface can be generated in a zero-code fashion using an automatic feature, which creates List, Detail and Edit pages for all of the Objects that you have in your TethrOn administration.

Richard notes that it takes just a few seconds to create a minimal interface with the fields displayed in a columnar fashion, and providing a basic record Menu with options to Save and so on. In addition some standard items such as Error Logs and so forth are added to the UI Main Menu.

And as promised, he discovered that taking the UI as it is generated, you can be testing the application within seconds. Watch Richard as auto generates the “code free” user interface with TethrOn.