Multiple Backends

Mobile Users Need Data From Multiple Backend Systems

People who work in the field typically need to interact with multiple backend systems over the course of their day as they work with customers.

We often hear; “We have Salesforce for CRM, Siebel for quoting (CPQ), Oracle for ERP, and a custom database for contracts; my sales staff should be able to work their accounts, create quotes, submit orders and view contracts while at a customer site.”

Providing separate mobile applications for each enterprise system may serve the system vendor’s interests, but it doesn’t for the mobile workforce. TethrOn enables you to build a single mobile app that integrates data and processes from multiple systems.

TethrOn addresses two key areas to make integrating multiple backend systems into a single mobile app; pre-built connectors, and a unique, patented Canonical Data Model (CDM), which allows mapping the different enterprise systems to mobile applications, abstracting the complexities of defining and maintaining mobile object models.

TethrOn offers pre-built ‘no code’ connectors for Salesforce, any app, Oracle’s Siebel CRM, SugarCRM and for databases.

TethrOn Connectors offer a point-and-click UI to auto-discover enterprise objects, map them into a mobile object model and visualize them. And TethrOn includes a Connector SDK for systems not currently offered.

With TethrOn you’re able to quickly develop and deliver highly optimized mobile applications that integrate all the data and processes from all your backend systems that your mobile users need to work with in a single purpose-built app.