Mobile CRM; It’s Not Just an App

July 15, 2015

Implementing mobile CRM is a strategic imperative. Organization that do not recognize this fail to realize gains from their investment.

It’s a familiar experience within IT groups. An edict comes down the chain that mobility is critical to sales and service. A mobility initiative is launched as a project to “build a mobile app”. Marketing gets involved to maintain the corporate brand. Everyone gets excited, but little thought is given to exactly what value the app is to provide, and who will benefit the most.

This approach to building a mobile CRM app presents the short term benefit of an isolated effort reducing cost and timeline. It’s fast and easy these days to build an app.

The new mobile CRM app is launched with much fanfare.

A few of the company’s road warriors download it, and quickly discover, that while “cute” it doesn’t solve their mobile challenges for ubiquitous data access. Word circulates throughout the organization that it is useless.

It’s a fate shared by the vast majority of apps. Analysts report that 95% of downloaded apps are abandoned within a month and 26% of apps are only used once.

Your mobile CRM initiative doesn’t have to end up in the app graveyard. Companies that approach mobility as an enterprise asset with the objective of delivering strategic benefits, like improvement in productivity, take the time upfront to ask the difficult questions.

  • What is the ROI?
  • How does the initiative improve our user’s productivity?
  • How do we use mobility to gain a competitive advantage?

When these hard questions are asked and answered, the challenges of fully functional mobile CRM become clear.

  • Building an app is just the tip of the iceberg. Value comes from ‘information’ and ‘transactions’. The real hard work is in the integration required to deliver information (data) and orchestration to enable transactions.
  • End user jobs require them to access information and processes across many enterprise systems.
  • Users want their apps to “just work” without qualifiers. They want their mobile apps to be limitless.

Avoid the app graveyard, and leave building your mobile CRM app in the hands of professionals. Your road warriors will thank you.