Untether Your Mobile Roadmap
from Legacy Systems

Constrained by the roadmap of your backend systems?

Merge onto the bimodal IT fast lane and rapidly transform your business ideas into
high performance apps.

Mobilize What you Have

No upgrades. No rip and replace. No overhaul of backend logic.

Tethron works with these systems plus any other.


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Use Your Favorite Tools and Technologies

Avoid vendor lock-in. TethrOn fits into your enterprise at all levels of the stack. Leverage existing tools and open, standards-based technologies.

Development Tools


Backend Integration

Open, standards-based SDK with multiple connect and protocol options.

Deployment flexibility – cloud or on-premise.

Leverage existing ESB Middleware for service exposure.

Device & Security Management



Monitor, Manage, Improve

Easily manage all your TethrOn apps. Keep an eye on who and how your app is being used.
Spot potential system problems.

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Secure Your Data. Scale Your Apps.

Work offline with speed and confidence.

Scale Your Apps

Start small, scale to over 100 apps.
Architected from the ground up to handle
millions of backend transactions across
thousands of employees.


Data is protected in motion, at rest or
in use. Network failures handled
without data loss. Password block or
wipe clean lost devices.

Rapid Iteration

TethrOn’s platform makes it fast and easy to iterate your apps based on
user feedback. Start small and learn as employees begin to work
smarter. Track adoption with built-in analytics.

Why TethrOn?

High-Performance Apps

Delivered in 45 Days

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Mobilize your Workforce

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