Offline Data

Mobile Users Need All Their Data Offline

For people working in the field, having all the information they need with them on their mobile device is key to how productive they are.

Serious enterprise mobile applications need large amounts of data. While some technologies simply cache the last few records viewed, that approach doesn’t begin to deliver all the information a mobile worker needs.

Data Needed in the Field

offline-dataAn average sales rep has 100 accounts in their territory. Each account has lots of related data including contacts, one or more price books, quotes, orders and future opportunities. This data quickly exceeds a million records on the device.

Sales rep need consistent and quick access to all of this information to create quotes and take orders in the field; even when they are not connected.

TethrOn has been designed from the ground up to address the challenge of creating apps that give your field employees all the data they need to work anytime, anywhere

TethrOn provides a number of benefits including high performance local storage on the device that is optimized for large data volumes so field workers can have all their data even when offline.

The local storage not only holds all the data users need, but also has built in optimizations for providing instant response as users work in the app. This means all the data will be available before the user needs it in an app that is highly performant with sub-second response times.

Once you have millions of records on the device, you’ll want to learn how TethrOn delivers really fast synchronization to make it all work seamlessly.