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TethrOn’s mobile caching server delivers what nobody else can.

At aMind Solutions, we’ve been building large scale custom CRM systems for more than a decade. When our clients wanted to go mobile, we couldn’t find a platform that delivered on requirements – multi-system, large data sets, sketchy connectivity –  so we built TethrOn using a team of the best CRM engineers on the planet.

We took advantage of every innovation in the market and added our own with our patented sync technology.

TethrOn Mobile Cache Server

Discover the magic.

TethrOn’s Mobile Cache Server supports huge data volumes and manages offline device data without programming.  It monitors the enterprise systems (“pull”, “push”, or both) and maintains a mobile data cache of all changes needed for all users at any time.

  • Incredibly fast sync so your users aren’t waiting around for their data – 10,000+ records / second
  • Much larger supportable mobile data shapes because of the faster sync speed – 1,000,000’s of records
  • Changes are pushed to users in the background as long as they are online. Most recent data is always taken offline.

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Three Main Components

TethrOn SDK runs on the Mobile Device.

Use TethrOn’s declarative UI or design your own, we’ve taken care of everything else.

TethrOn Mobile Cache Server is where the magic happens. As the hub of all activity It supports thousands of users and syncs millions of records per minute to devices and manages offline device data. All without programming.

TethrOn connectors integrate data from any backend system. Use pre-built connections or our SDK and API to build your own, or use your own middleware.

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