How Mobility is Revolutionizing Manufacturing

August 21, 2015

Louis Columbus | Forbes Magazine | April 20, 2015

Mobile technologies are driving a revolution in manufacturing. Adding mobility to business processes from sales to production and delivery are delivering solid efficiency gains.

Louis Columbus, a technology contributor at Forbes magazine, identifies ten ways mobility improves manufacturing by incorporating critical information from across the enterprise into job specific apps.

  1. Integrate mobile CRM system with distributed order management, pricing and fulfillment.
  2. Generate real-time quotes for build-to-order products.
  3. Give sales reps greater transparency into order fulfillment.
  4. Benchmark supplier quality in real-time.
  5. Automate inventory tracking, traceability and reporting.
  6. Monitor production performance.
  7. Monitor production machinery.
  8. Support field service calls with right technician, right information, right parts.
  9. Improve coordination with suppliers.
  10. Collect, combine and report manufacturing intelligence data.

In order to build these types of mobile manufacturing apps, you must combine data from different enterprise systems across the organization. Sales contact information may reside in Salesforce, configuration specs in Siebel, manufacturing processes in SAP,  supplier relationships in a homegrown system and analytics in a spreadsheet.

TethrOn makes it easy to bring all this data together to build any type of manufacturing app. One platform, multiple apps, and total flexibility.