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Citizen Developers: Why they May Be the Only Way to Successful Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise mobility boosts productivity, beefs up bottom-lines, engages employees, and many other benefits you have heard before. But to realize…

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4 Signs Your Mobile Workforce will Outperform Competitors in 2017

  In the emerging “on the go” work environment, a mobilized, interconnected, and agile workforce is a major asset for…

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Offline Is Not Just Another Mobile Feature

“Business stakeholders almost always request support for offline usage scenarios at the beginning of a project; it is often nonexistent at the end. Why?”, asks Forrester Research in a recent report titled “The Offline Mobile Challenge” (The Offline Mobile Challenge 9/26/14, Facemire, Hammond).

First generation mobile app development platforms were designed to work online, but now using TethrOn, developing apps that work on or offline is a breeze. Additionally Forrester says, ”offline services provide immense value to application users; being able to use the app absent network connectivity simply scratches the surface. Offline support also ensures outstanding app performance, regardless of network connectivity or speed.”

So with TethrOn not only are apps easier to build and deploy, but faster to use too.


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Industry Leaders Use TethrOn

Online, Offline, B2E, B2C – it’s all being done on TethrOn today

Life Sciences Field Sales App

For a field team to be effective they need all of their data and their processes – accounts, contacts, parts and price lists, configuration and quoting – often over 1,000,000 records, up to date and available even when they’re offline.  TethrOn makes offline work possible, anytime, anywhere.

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Life Sciences

Telco B2B Sales App

Global Field Sales App created with Tethron includes SFA, Billing, Trouble Ticketing, Product Catalog, Orders, Collaboration/Socialization, GPS Mapping and Electronic Signature Capture. Now the critical sales information and sales processes all exist in a single app, simplifying life for the reps, so they can focus on their customers.

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