Follow the Data

TethrOn’s unique product architecture manages data from the mobile device through to enterprise systems and back again, guaranteeing data integrity and operational performance throughout the process.


The journey begins on the mobile device where TethrOn provides an SDK and high capacity database that enable the mobile apps you’ve developed to search, display and update data stored directly on the device.

Updates are held on the device pending synchronization based on connectivity availability.

Sync – Device to Server

As connectivity is available, TethrOn burst synchronization moves mobile device updates to the TethrOn Server and any updates from the Server cache to the mobile device.

Synchronization can occur transparently in real time, can be scheduled, or operated manually by the mobile worker.

TethrOn’s patented approach can sync 350,000 records/minute, so the sync process is quick and painless and your mobile employee can keep working and not waiting.


The TethrOn Server is the hub of data activity. It is also where user administration, data subscriptions, notifications and enterprise system trolling is managed.

The TethrOn Mobile Data Cache maintains the most current records by trolling and syncing with enterprise systems, as well as with the individual mobile devices. This assures that the latest information is available to burst sync to the mobile devices and to keep enterprise systems in sync as mobile data changes and transactions occur.

Enterprise Systems

The TethrOn Server connects to one or more enterprise systems interacting with each through a trolling process to systematically update records between the Server’s Mobile Data Cache and the enterprise system.

This enables the enterprise connections to operate at the speed and latency of a transactional system, while keeping the Mobile Data Cache updated and available for instantaneous synchronizations.