Fitting Into Your Enterprise


Maintaining the security and integrity of your enterprise data is at the core of TethrOn’s system and device architecture.  Your data is secure every step of the way on the device, during synchronization, on the TethrOn Server, and during backend updates through encryption and secure communications.  Mobile users only receive access to information they have rights to. When something abnormal happens, like a device is lost, or an employee leaves, TethrOn wipes the data from the device.


All TethrOn software, when installed on premise, runs on industry standard J2EE application servers.  The TethrOn Server can be scaled horizontally and vertically and clustered for relevancy and reliability. Interfaces to other systems follow industry standards such as REST and Web Services on the Server and standard Objective C, native Android and Cordova on the device.

Inclusion / Play Nice with Others

TethrOn was designed to fit into your company and work with what you’ve already got.  From mobile application development (MADP, IDE) to infrastructure (on-premise, cloud), to authentication (LDAP, SSO), to mobile device and security management (MDM, MAM), to data warehouse and analytics and testing suites, TethrOn “Plays Nice With Others” to make implementation and operation a breeze.