Prepare for Better Performance

Keep field service representatives on schedule and productive. From proximity-based dispatch, to a 360-degree customer view, to turn-by-turn direction, TethrOn’s quick start field service app sets your employees up for customer success.

Proximity-based Scheduling

Dispatch field service employees by proximity using geo-location information. Accepted service order assignments are automatically scheduled on employee calendars to be viewed by the day/week/month. Managers receive notification of rejected assignments.


360-degree Customer Information

With a single click, representatives view customer contacts, history, location and directions. Contact information can be updated anytime, anywhere.


Account details may include contracts, SLAs, warranty support, and videos.


Turn-by-turn Directions

Using native device mapping the app provides turn-by-turn directions. Drivers arrive on time, with less frustration.


Optimize Field Service

Ensure superior customer service with real-time customer communication, immediate access to repair instructions, and parts ordering.

Every TethrOn app includes complete offline support anywhere, even when Internet access is not available. Once a connection is re-established, data is synced bi-directionally. Sync speeds are incredibly fast, handling more than 250,000 records a minute.

Real-time Customer Communications

Device-integrated messaging via SMS or email makes it seamless to keep customers updated on arrival status.


Guided Service Calls

To ensure efficient and accurate service calls, a wizard guides representatives through their visit from initial instructions to service order finalization.


Repair Support Documentation

Increase efficiency with fast and seamless access to product and repair manuals through the app.


Parts Inventory/Ordering

Comprehensive parts information from inventory systems is available in the field. Locate parts by searching from within the app or by scanning QR codes with the mobile device.



Capture a digital signature within the app to finalize the service request.



Performance Tracking

App check-in and check-out timestamps representatives arrival and departure to automatically track task duration along with the work performed.


Performance Reporting

Performance is tracked as work is completed in the field and automatically added to a timesheet. This frees time previously spent on admin to be dedicated to more field service calls.


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