Really Fast Sync

Mobile Users Need Really Fast Synchronization

People who work in the field need to maximize the time they spend with customers and not waiting on technology.  Once you’ve placed millions of records on their mobile devices you need to provide a really fast synchronization capability to keep all that information up to date.  One of the challenges is that the Enterprise systems, where much of the data comes from, were designed to support office workers on web-browsers scrolling a page at a time at 10’s of records/second.  As you’ll see in the table, if you’re trying to sync 500,000 records, say after the quarterly territory realignment, that sync process could take many hours.  And that turns into days across a large field team.

TethrOn solves that problem by implementing a highly optimized Mobile Data Cache on the TethrOn Server that can scale to support thousands of mobile users and sync more than 250,000 records per minute to the devices through its patented sync technology.  Data is proactively loaded into the TethrOn Server and categorized in a mobile-optimized structure to permit faster sync, while controlling the load on backend systems. Large data files are split into smaller segments and a series of synch operations are performed in parallel, until download is complete, dramatically improving the data throughput to mobile devices.

That means your field staff can now have all the data they need on their device and they don’t have to wait for a sync to complete; sync can happen in the background whenever they have network access. Your backend systems are allowed to continue to operate at their transaction rates, while mobile workers get back to working with their customers.

Once you have a highly optimized offline process the next thing you’ll want to consider is giving mobile workers information from all the backend systems they interact with over the course of the day in a single mobile application.