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Prepare for Better Performance
Geo-fencing Territory Assignment
Comprehensive Account Information

Optimize Door-to-door Sales
Intelligent Offer Presentation
Guided Needs Assessment/Order Configuration
Credit Authentication
Installation Scheduling
Signature Capture


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Prepare for Better Performance

Keep door-to-door reps on schedule and on plan while guiding them through residential sales calls.

TethrOn’s quick start door-to-door mobile sales app delivers exceptional door-to-door sales performance from territory assignment, to customer needs assessment, service configuration and order placement.

Geo-fencing Territory Assignment

Easily assign door-to-door sales turfs and ensure complete neighborhood coverage with a combination of your enterprise system data and geo-fencing. The app automatically maps all addresses within each turf and provides turn-by-turn directions to each residence based on the representative’s current location.


Comprehensive Account Information

Know more before you knock without having to refer to paper printouts. Complete, real-time contact and account history details are instantly available on the mobile device and can be immediately updated with the latest household information while in the field.


Optimize Door-to-door Sales

Sell more and improve order accuracy with real-time access to product and ordering information anywhere/anytime.

Built into every TethrOn app is the ability to work offline, then automatically sync data bi-directionally with enterprise systems “back in the office” once a connection has been re-established. TethrOn’s sync speeds are incredibly fast, handling more than 250,000 records a minute.

Intelligent Offer Presentation

TethrOn eliminates inefficient paper-based processes by connecting your door-to-door selling app to legacy and cloud enterprise systems. For customer’s that know what they need, options can be quickly presented and reviewed by service type.


Guided Needs Assessment Wizard

For customers that are not sure what offer is right for them, a needs assessment wizard guides the representative and their customer to the ideal package. The wizard reduces errors, accelerates the sales cycle and improves customer satisfaction.


Order Configuration

To increase accuracy and customer communication, service packages are filtered by interest, availability and eligibility.

For more complete orders, upsell/cross-sell options are intelligently recommended. This ensures customers have everything they need for a hassle-free implementation, increases order revenue and eliminates extra field service calls.


Order Review

Complete order details are viewed within an expandable/collapsible cart. One-time, recurring costs and cost savings are highlighted in an easy to understand format that makes it simple to communicate one-time and recurring costs as well as the customer’s cost savings.


Credit Authentication

Before an order is placed, the customer’s credit and payment history is verified. This step improves order accuracy and gives sales representatives the opportunity to clear credit problems while they are still in front of the customer.


Installation Scheduling

Installation scheduling takes seconds while your representatives are in the field with customers. Installation options and service windows are configured based on ordered services.


Signature Capture

Finalize orders with a review of terms and conditions and a digital signature.


Real-time Performance Reports

Order Closure

The last step in placing an order is to clarify the next steps. Not only does this step ensure customer satisfaction, it provides the opportunity to capture data for real-time management reports on door-to-door sales activity.


Sales Representative Performance

Increase performance across the team with real-time visibility into sales performance.  Easy to understand graphics feature knock tallies, sales activity and quota ranking.


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