How to Deploy

How Do I Deploy TethrOn?

TethrOn’s architecture, administration and attention to detail makes it easy to set up and configure so you can get on with the business of building awesome mobile apps. The clear separation of development artifacts between mobile app development, configuration of the TethrOn Server and connection to enterprise systems allows the front end and backend teams to work independently and in parallel.


As each enterprise is unique in infrastructure, systems and operations, TethrOn has been designed to adapt and fit into your environment.  TethrOn can be installed on premise, or provisioned in the cloud enabling you to choose the deployment model that works best for your situation.


The next step is to connect TethrOn to the different data sources you would like to mobilize.  This is where your Enterprise IT teams provide connections to the different enterprise systems by either leveraging the pre-built TethrOn Connectors or, providing their own APIs.


The TethrOn administrator configures the desired mobile app object model (CDM), connects the CDM to the different backend APIs and declares rules to determine what data is served to different users.

Build an App

The mobile app developer discovers the CDM provided by the TethrOn Server and builds the mobile app on top of the TethrOn Device SDK, leveraging it’s APIs. The TethrOn device API works with all of the popular MADPs, App Builders, HTML5 UIs, Hybrid tools and native code so you pick the tools you prefer, the choice is yours.


System administrators and operations use the TethrOn monitoring console/capabilities to keep track of all the information flow between the mobile users apps, the Server Cache and the various enterprise systems.  This helps streamline operations, spot bottlenecks, and scale the infrastructure to meet your needs.  And you can import TethrOn statistics into your existing analytics tools to include mobile workforce data in your overall business analysis.

Ready to Get Started?

TethrOn is available as a trial that you can quickly setup and test out using your data from your system(s) on your mobile device.

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