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TethrOn makes it quick and easy to design beautiful enterprise-grade
apps that are as intuitive to use as consumer apps.
Faster and for far less than you ever imagined.

Simplified Access to Backend Systems

Deliver composite apps for a seamless, high-performance mobile experience across
legacy and cloud systems.

Pre-built connectors to leading systems and database platforms.


Plus, open, standards-based interface to integrate any enterprise system >>

Tailored Apps at the Speed of Out-of-the-Box

Fast, simple, and streamlined for maximum productivity and rapid ROI.

Begin with a Quick Start app and extend, or build your own app from scratch. The sky’s the limit.

Rapidly Deliver Great Apps
Assembled with TethrOn’s UI Components

From our library of 50+ UI components for mobile apps.

icon-charts  Charts and Graphs

icon-calendar  Calendar

icon-map  Nearby Map

icon-scanning  Camera, Scanning, Signature Capture

icon-email-integration  Device Calling / SMS / Email Integration

icon-transactional-list  Full Transactional List / Detail / Edit


Built on Top of TethrOn’s Mobile Infrastructure Services

Industrial-strength backend services running in the cloud or deployed on-premise

  • “No limits” offline  – large-scale data   volumes, transactional capability,   built-in handling for special cases
  • Enterprise identity, security, encryption
  • Storage and location services
  • Managed through a web-based admin console
  • Push notifications
  • Analytics data capture
  • Single API – any enterprise system,   online or disconnected
  • Native mobile SDKs. Single API across   diverse enterprise systems


Get the Right Data, to the Right User. Instantly.

An always on, always fast mobile experience powered by TethrOn’s mobile-optimized data cache and intelligent sync engine

  • Devices always get the most current data when online
  • Synchronization is significantly faster than alternative methods
  • Data set changes are automatically processed on the server with alerting through push notifications

Our Immediate requirement was rapid, low-cost deployment of a door-to-door selling application. TethrOn was ideal for this. We delivered our first mobile app in less than sixty days.”

José Quiñónez López, Director of I.T.

Rapid System Configuration

icon_configmgmnt  Versioned Configuration Management

  • Data sources and integration endpoints
  • Mobile data model
  • Push notification behavior
  • Apps and distribution groups
  • User and device management
  • Configuration import/export across source/target environments

icon_dashboards  Monitoring Dashboards & Alerting

  • Automated email notifications triggered from critical events
  • Synchronization dashboard – frequency, data volumes, errors
  • Ongoing operations that keep the server data cache current with enterprise systems
  • Push notification history
  • What users are doing on their devices

TethrOn Delivers High-performance Enterprise Apps

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