TethrOn delivers the most powerful mobile sales and service apps.

“We looked at a competitive market for SFE mobility solutions. TethrOn had the right set of capabilities for our needs, the right amount of flexibility in implementation and was able to deliver a platform that we can scale with.”

Josh Clarke, Director IT, CRM & Marketing Systems

“Our immediate requirement was rapid, low-cost deployment of a door-to-door selling application. TethrOn was ideal for this. We delivered our first mobile app in less than sixty days.”

José Quiñónez López, Director of I.T.

“Sugar customers continue to demand more from mobile CRM and TethrOn delivers. Superior offline capabilities, code-less integration to Sugar and quick implementation at low cost and risk are exactly what Sugar users need.”

Pat Pahl, SugarCRM VP Alliances

”Offline services provide immense value to application users; being able to use the app absent network connectivity simply scratches the surface. Offline support also ensures outstanding app performance, regardless of network connectivity or speed.”

The Forrester Offline Mobile Challenge 9/26/14, Facemire, Hammond

”Fast, reliable offline mobile support is the #1 request from our manufacturing client base. TethrOn built a world-class mobile development platform, they understand manufacturing customers needs, and CRM is in their DNA.”

Achyut Jajoo, Salesforce Global Industry Leader, Manufacturing Industries

Offline iPad Sales App for ThermoFisher Scientific

Like most field sales teams, the reps at ThermoFisher Scientific wanted a mobile app that enabled them to access all their information and perform all their processes while in the field working with customers.  A previous mobile platform IT had deployed was unable to handle the large data volumes (>400k records) the reps needed on their iPads. Synchronizing often took hours and only 15 reps could sync at a time, causing major time loss and user frustration.  Data divergence often occurred and entire app refreshes were required.  Additionally the app could not handle quoting, a key function the reps needed.

ThermoFisher Scientific engaged aMind Solutions to implement TethrOn and build an SFA app to deploy on WiFi enabled iPads.  The TethrOn app provides SFA, quoting, discount approvals and territory data segmentation, enabling their 1,200 global reps to work efficiently on or offline.

The TethrOn platform delivered a number of critical benefits including dramatically reducing sync times to a few seconds, while supporting >1,000,000 offline records on the reps iPads.  Hundreds of simultaneous sync sessions can now occur and initial sync for a new rep occurs in minutes vs. hours.  The reps are now able to work completely offline, including preparing pricing and quoting, which means an efficient and productive sales team that can stay in the field and not tethered to a desk, regardless of network availability.

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B2B Sales App for Global Telecommunications Leader

Working as a Field Sales rep for the 2nd largest global Telco was proving to be a real challenge for their 32,000 US direct and partner B2B reps as they often needed to access information from 13 different backend systems while at customer sites.  Navigating through 13 different apps on their iPads would have been unwieldy, time consuming and require extensive training.  Understandably, the reps wanted a single app to manage the entire sales process. Further the B2B selling process required collaboration between the reps and their various team members, requiring information sharing across legacy and newer cloud applications.

Working with the Telco IT team and the Telco’s mobile app development agency, aMind Solutions implemented the backend infrastructure to integrate, coordinate and manage information from 13 different legacy and cloud-based backend systems.  The resulting Global Field Sales App includes SFA, Billing, Trouble Ticketing, Product Catalog, Orders, Collaboration/Socialization, GPS Mapping and Electronic Signature Capture. Now the critical sales information and sales processes all exist in a single app, simplifying life for the reps, so they can focus on their customers.

Integrating and consolidating information from the multitude of backend systems offered a number of benefits to both the Telco IT group and the mobile app users.  Implementing a single mobile API across the disparate systems enabled the IT group to continuously deliver innovation to their sales users as new services became available.  By consolidating information from the various systems, the Sales team now has a single app designed to support the sales process the way they expect it to work versus how the individual backend applications worked. Sales now has a single account dashboard that provides a 360-degree view of key account information (contacts, opportunities, solutions, orders, trouble tickets etc.) so they can spend more time selling and less time searching.

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Semiconductor Industry Leader Delivers Global Mobile Sales App

Interacting with separate legacy CRM and ERP applications for SFA and quoting is challenging enough at an office desktop, but not something this global semiconductor sales team could do effectively on their tablet computers while at customer sites.   The corporate IT team had previously delivered a solution using Outlook interfaced to their legacy CRM system but sync times were extremely long and significant data divergence problems developed causing users to abandon the system.  Offline operation was a key unmet requirement.

After a technology assessment, the IT team decided on a best of breed solution using IBM Worklite for the mobile app and TethrOn to provide the critical offline capability.  Through this technology collaboration a new Global Field Sales App was developed and delivered that includes both SFA and Quoting functionality.

Through the technology collaboration of IBM Worklite and TethrOn, the semiconductor company’s IT team was able to deliver a mobile app that incorporated both legacy CRM and ERP functionality in a single app.  Through the high speed and highly reliable TethrOn sync functionality, sync times were dramatically reduced, while data divergence was eliminated.  The field sales team now has the information and processes they need to work on or offline and user adoption and satisfaction is at an all time high.

American Red Cross Delivers B2C Mobile App for Blood Donors

The American Red Cross (ARC) was looking to improve the user experience of their 3 million blood donors across the US when researching and scheduling blood donations at regional and mobile donation sites.  Previous scheduling with their legacy CRM system was confined to a cumbersome web-based application, which donors found cumbersome, slow and difficult to use.

With many donors, especially younger people who make up ARC’s target base, using smartphones, a decision was made to develop iOS and Android apps.  ARC selected TethrOn to provide the infrastructure and backend integration to their legacy CRM system delivered as a Mobile API.  The resulting mobile app, developed by ARC’s mobile app agency, scales to support millions of users leveraging the TethrOn API.

ARC simultaneously launched iOS and Android versions of a new mobile app and through a comprehensive marketing effort reached top rankings on both the Apple iTunes and Google Play app stores the first week.    The app significantly improves the overall user experience of finding local ARC centers and scheduling blood donations.  Additionally the app provides access to rewards donated by ARC sponsors, as well as integrates with Facebook and other social applications enabling donors to share their experiences to help increase donor registrations.

Download the Red Cross Donor App:
From Apple iTunes for the Apple iPhone
From the Google App Store for Android