Professional Services


A Full Team of Accomplished Experts Ready to Realize Your Mobile/Digital Goals
For over a decade, our professional services team has been focused on delivering highly-usable applications that make it easier for employees to accomplish their tasks.

We have experts for every step of your project; from initial strategy to design and development to QA and deployment. Throughout an engagement your project is tightly managed to ensure it deploys on time and on budget.

Our highly trained staff are experts in:

  • Understanding the fundamental differences between designing software for the web vs. software for mobile devices.
  • Addressing critical security requirements that impact every enterprise mobile application project – identity and authentication, data encryption, protecting enterprise data at every step along the way.
  • The considerations and tradeoffs of different deployment architectures across cloud and on-premise.

You’ll find that not only are we up-to-date on the latest technologies (HTML5, Cordova, iOS, Andorid),  we also have deep knowledge of legacy enterprise and cloud systems. Our insider knowledge of Siebel, Salesforce, SugarCRM, and custom databases shines when it comes to elegantly integrating data and processes to high-performance mobile apps.

Working from locations all around the globe, TethrOn’s professional services team is behind the success of sales mobilization at some of the world’s largest brands. These include AT&T, American Red Cross, Cablevision and Starbucks.

TethrOn’s professional services staff can be seamlessly integrated into a blended client team, or work independently to deliver an app.

Enterprise Mobility Strategy and Design
TethrOn’s professional services experts will help you design a model for sustained mobile innovation. We work with you to understand your business, identify your mobility opportunities, and provide a blueprint to mobilize employees in one department, or across your organization.

Mobile Business Process Optimization
Many enterprise systems’ business processes are not optimized to work efficiently − burdening users with inefficiency both in the office and in the field. This burden is especially prevalent out in the field due to mobile device limitations.

As part of our high-performance delivery methodology, our consultants and developers optimize for both technical performance of the app, as well as end-to-end user processes. Your field sales teams are empowered with highly-optimized mobile sales processes that deliver dramatic improvements in sales performance.

TethrOn Configuration and Systems Integration
TethrOn’s integration team are experts in mobilizing data from your legacy and cloud systems. Our backend developers have integrated with hundreds of front and back office systems – we haven’t found one yet that we can’t work with. Wheter you want to connect data from one system, or 30 different data sources, we bring all the pieces together for a seamless sales experience.

Mobile Application Development
Our mobile app engineers have developed hundreds of apps over the course of their careers using native iOS and Android technologies.

The team brings speed, agility,  and an ability to “humanize the technology” giving your employees a seamless application experience regardless of enterprise systems and data sources. Our UI/UX experts work with you to build elegant apps that your sales team loves to use. For an exceptional experience, we design mobile apps that takes full advantage of native device features.

Behind every app that we help to build are proven industry-leading best practices. Every member of our professional services team follows proven methodologies from requirements gathering, to UI/UX design to coding and device optimization and change management. It is this deep expertise that allows us to guarantee your mobile app delivers on time and on budget.

In the Cloud or On-Premise?
Choose the deployment option that makes sense for your business. Pubic cloud, managed private cloud tailored to your specific requirements or on-premise in your own enterprise data center. The choice is yours.