TethrOn mobilizes workforces
around the world.


Consumer Packaged Goods

Thousands of SKUs. Constantly changing data. New promotions. And customers scattered everywhere. It’s not easy for consumer goods reps to stay on top of everything.

TethrOn’s mobile development platform supports you in configuring one or more apps that fit the exact needs of your field employees. You are able to incorporate all the information your reps need to build profitable customer relationships. You are free to mash up data from CRM systems, inventory and marketing.  And you can give them all the data without limits. TethrOn supports millions of records on the device, online and offline.

TethrOn handles large changes in the data as well, for new merchandising, territory reassignment, or the addition of new product lines. Syncs are wicked fast so your representatives stay focused on your products and customers.

With unrestricted access to their data, wherever they are, your representatives see more customers and improve their performance during the visit.

No matter how large the territory, how many SKUs, or how remote the client, TethrOn-powered apps support field workers on the go.

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In most places around the world people still sell door-to-door, a process that requires access to a wide variety of customer and company information in the field.

This information is located in a hodgepodge of enterprise systems. For example: sales force automation, billing, trouble ticketing, product catalog, orders, collaboration/socialization, GPS mapping and electronic signature capture.

To close an opportunity, sales reps rely on support from the office, paper records, and occasionally a mobile version of CRM. The process is cumbersome.

TethrOn’s platform supports you in quickly building a single app that empowers your field sales and service representatives with all the information they need, from any source, accessible offline and on.

You are able to close more deals, and to close them with a higher degree of customer satisfaction.

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Life Sciences

For a field team to be effective they need all of their data and their processes – accounts, contacts, parts and price lists, configuration and quoting – often over 1,000,000 records, up to date and available even when they’re offline.

TethrOn makes offline work possible, anytime, anywhere. You can experience increases in sales efficiency by 10-20% by robust field support offline and on with access to all the information they need, from any enterprise system. And you can do this anywhere in the world, in any language.

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Mobile apps are bringing greater customer responsiveness to manufacturing companies in the field and in the warehouse.

Empowered with customer history, configuration, pricing and fulfillment information sales representatives deliver real-time responses and generate a quote at the customer’s workplace, increasing the likelihood of getting the order.

In the warehouse, mobile apps are taking a staring role in alleviating management challenges. Mobilized production supervisors are able to respond in real-time to employee and production issues. No more running back to the office to check on the desktop system.

Executives can keep tabs on KPIs across systems including finance, HR, marketing, sales, inventory, and shipping. Bottlenecks can be quickly spotted and eliminated.

TethrOn’s mobile app development platform is idea for addressing the wide variety of use cases within a manufacturing company. Rapid “no code” app development allows you to learn as improve work processes across your organization.

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