Cablevision Monterrey Selects TethrOn’s Enterprise Mobility Platform

October 21, 2015

Robust offline sync, rapid deployment model, flexibility to grow, and ease of in-house maintenance key factors in selection.

cablevision-orange (1)TethrOn announced today that Mexico-based telecommunications company Cablevision Monterrey, has selected TethrOn as its chosen mobility enablement platform. TethrOn’s enterprise mobility platform will allow Cablevision to rapidly build robust mobile apps.

Cablevision selected TethrOn after an extended review of options, including custom app development and other mobile development platform solutions.

Director of I.T. Jose Quinonez Lopez, speaking on behalf of Cablevision, reports, “Our requirement was to get a framework to accelerate mobile applications development. Our first project is a door-to-door selling application. We need the project implemented in less than two months. We chose TethrOn to handle this challenge.”

TethrOn’s “no code” development approach means that comprehensive mobile applications can be built rapidly. The TethrOn enterprise mobility platform includes prebuilt backend connectors, data access code, synchronization of data and security. This frees developers to focus on defining business processes and creating a branded user interface.

When making their decision, Cablevision was satisfied with the ease of building mobile apps using TethrOn’s technology. The end-to-end process for developing an app using TethrOn’s enterprise mobility platform, encompasses data integration, app development and configuration in a single, point and click development environment.

Furthermore, the TethrOn platform includes a high performance offline sync engine, which outperformed competing products that were evaluated by Cablevision. This combination of rapid app deployment, and high performance sync, made the TethrOn solution stand out as the best path for Cablevision in developing enterprise-grade mobile applications.

Quinonez confirmed the selection of TethrOn’s platform, “We look forward to using TethrOn as the platform to meet our upcoming needs for mobile business applications.”