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4 Signs Your Mobile Workforce will Outperform Competitors in 2017

October 20, 2016

  In the emerging “on the go” work environment, a mobilized, interconnected, and agile workforce is a major asset for any organization. With the proper suite of mobile applications and systems to support them, a mobile workforce helps to bolster revenues, reduce operational costs, and supply valuable business intelligence. A study by Citrix reveals the…

How to Build Apps that Win Adoption

October 10, 2016

There are two kinds of apps in the world—those that win adoption and those that die. If you’re like the majority of companies that have stampeded into the enterprise app world recently and are frustrated by lack of enthusiasm on the part of your employees, you are not alone. According to ComeScore’s Mobile App Report,…

TethrOn Launches Suite of Quick Start Apps to Accelerate Mobile App Development

October 6, 2016

New TethrOn accelerators for rapidly mobilizing employees  include sales force automation, field service, door-to-door selling and CPG field sales execution. TethrOn, a leader in mobile app development, today announced a suite of enterprise-grade quick start apps to help enterprises quickly mobilize field sales and service operations with data from one or more enterprise systems. The…

TethrOn Extends Mobile Development Platform to Unleash Oracle Siebel Data and Processes Rapidly Mobilizing Employees

September 6, 2016

Enhanced mobile development platform assists mobile app developers in rapidly delivering high-performance employee apps that contain data from Oracle Siebel and any other system, without upgrading or migrating legacy and cloud systems. TethrOn’s mobile development platform assists mobile app developers in rapidly delivering high-performance apps that contain Oracle Siebel data and processes, along with data…

Mobile Enablement Delivers More Productivity

August 25, 2016

A global survey of 1,865 employees by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) discovered a measurable link between a mobile-first work environment and an increase in employee productivity. Organizations that were rated “pioneers” by employees with respect to mobile enablement saw a 16 percent boost in productivity. In a 40-hour work week, a 16 percent increase…

Pain-free Mobilization

July 13, 2016

Our management team created TethrOn in response to client requests for a much faster, less expensive way to build mobile apps for employees that incorporate data from multiple enterprise systems. With TethrOn, enterprises are able to deliver sales and service apps 5x faster and for 1/2 the cost of alternatives. And you won’t need to upgrade or rip…

Top Reasons Enterprises Adopt Mobility

July 12, 2016

You live it every day. And if you are like us it keeps you up at night. The competition is tougher, margins thinner and it is hard to find and retain stellar employees. As always, the response is to improve customer relations, reduce operation costs, and maximize worker productivity. It’s the “how to do it”…

Leading Global Consumer Goods Beverage Company Selects TethrOn for Mobile Sales

January 15, 2016

One of the world’s leading consumer goods beverage brands has selected aMind to deliver their enterprise mobile solutions for their North American sales force. As part of a strategic focus to enhance sales rep productivity, the initiative will provide the company’s business development managers, regional operations specialists and account executes anywhere/anytime access to relevant customer,…

Siebel Hub Review: TethrOn Delivers.

November 30, 2015

Richard Napier | Siebel Hub | October 14, 2015 After a deep dive into TethrOn which includes building a mobile app combining data from Siebel and Salesforce, Richard Napier of Siebel Hub declares “TethrOn Delivers“. “From the beginning of our walk-through, it has been clear that TethrOn is much more than another gadget solution. TethrOn solves many problems…