Managing all the complexity between the app and the backend systems


TethrOn provides an SDK that runs on the device embedded in your app.  It takes care of:

  • Online/offline data storage
  • Optimized data pre-fetching and caching
  • Synchronization and conflict resolution
  • Enterprise backend system rationalization


  • As an app developer all you have to do is to add the user interface. You don’t have to worry if the information is stored online or offline, how it gets to the device, or what enterprise backend system it is mastered in.
  • You also do not have to write optimized and complicated sync and data access code. TehtrOn takes care of that for you. And we’ve tested to millions of records.
  • Sync is take care of in the background so your users are not disrupted.


The TethrOn Server  allows the system to support exceptionally large data volumes and manage offline device data without programming.  TethrOn’s Server monitors your enterprise systems using pull, push or both. A mobile  data cache is maintained for changes needed for all your users, at any time. Employees simply  sync from TethrOn’s sync-optimized cache. Ongoing change monitoring  alerts users when interesting changes are made.


  • Much faster sync so employees are not waiting around for their data. TethrOn syncs at a rate of more than 10,000 records/second.
  • Much larger supportable mobile data shapes because of the faster sync speed to 1,000,000’s of records
  • Changes are pushed to users in the background as long as they are online. The most recent data is always taken offline.


TethrOn doesn’t really care where the data comes from, and with most enterprises customizing their systems (sometimes heavily!), there’s always work to be done to connect successfully to yours.  We provide:

  • Example connectors to SFDC and Siebel to use as-is or as a starting point
  • An SDK and API to build your own connector or customize one of ours to your needs
  • A clean separation between the functionality and the connector, so you’re really just working on the connector


  • Fast start with no code where we have a provided connector and you haven’t customized
  • Accommodate your customized backend enterprise systems as efficiently as possible
  • Ability to use your own middleware as the connector – no need for two layers of middleware!

Administration & Configuration

TethrOn lets you administer and configure all the major mobile lifecycles

  • Users – add, remove, lock-out / wipe, lost device, new device
  • Apps – add, remove, configure data
  • Data – add and remove objects and fields, change rules for who-gets-what-when, add backend systems


  • No programming to fully manage what data is kept on each user’s device
  • Security to block users and wipe the app’s data when they leave or lose their device
  • Reduced cost of ownership


TethrOn can be extended at all layers of the architecture:

  • Device – we provide more than 60 events to give you visibility, let you modify, let you cancel, and let you override the standard functionality; you can also add your own events
  • Server – you can register for REST-endpoint customization for common extensions, and write code for more esoteric behavior changes
  • Backend Connector – use ours, start with ours and change it how you want it, write your own from our SDK, write your own to our API