Quick to Deploy

Mobile Users Need Apps That Are Quick to Deploy

Here are two challenging statistics; 86% of the time and cost of deploying an Enterprise app is spent on areas besides the app itself.  And 65% of Enterprise app development is being done by developers other than corporate IT.   With the pressure on IT to deliver more apps with consumer class app user experience, what IT group has any hope of succeeding?  TethrOn solves the problem.

TethrOn was architected specifically to address the complexity of Enterprise mobile app development in 3 important ways:

1)    TethrOn delivers a ‘no-code’ solution to integrating multiple backend systems and then manages all the data and processes from those systems in a highly optimized Mobile Data Cache on the TethrOn Server.   Data from any backend system can then be incorporated into one or more mobile apps.

2)    The companion TethrOn Client SDK provides a simple interface for developers to write to that provides an abstraction layer from all the complexity of the Enterprise infrastructure.  App developers don’t need to deal with Enterprise systems architectures; they can just focus on building awesome apps!  That’s especially important for the 65% of app developers who aren’t in your IT team.

3)    TethrOn’s architecture enables app developers to use their favorite tools and IDEs thanks to the TethrOn Client SDK.   No new UI tools to learn and no need to recruit specialists.

With TethrOn everyone wins!  Mobile users get apps that work with all their data offline.  Enterprise IT manages and exposes all of your key backend systems using one common platform.  And app developers can just focus on building apps.  So new apps can be developed and deployed quickly.