TethrOn Quick Start Apps

Accelerate the Delivery of Enterprise-grade Apps

Pre-built Quick Start Apps

Fast, simple, streamlined for maximum productivity and rapid ROI.

Start here and extend, or build your own app. The sky is the limit.

Rapidly Deliver Great Apps
Assembled with TethrOn’s UI Components

From our library of 50+ UI components for mobile apps.

checkmark-white  High-performancecheckmark-white  Beautifulcheckmark-white  Responsive design

Built on Top of TethrOn’s Mobile Infrastructure Services

Industrial-strength backend services running in the cloud.

  • “No limits” offline  – large-scale data   volumes, full transactional capability,   built-in handling for special cases
  • Enterprise identity, security, encryption
  • Storage and location services
  • Push notifications
  • Analytics data capture
  • Single API – any enterprise system,   online or disconnected
  • Native mobile SDKs. Single API across   diverse enterprise systems

With Rapid Integration to your Enterprise Systems

Deliver composite apps for a seamless,
high-performance mobile experience across legacy and cloud systems.

Pre-built connectors to leading systems and database platforms.


Plus, open, standards-based interface to integrate any enterprise system >>

Quick Start Apps do The Heavy Lifting

So you can focus on delivering great apps, not infrastructure.

Modular and Extensible

  • Your specs and business logic
  • Your corporate branding
  • Your enterprise objects and fields
  • Your business process workflow

Best-of-breed Mobile UI/UX

  • Highly usable and streamlined
  • Guided and process-based
  • Swipes, gestures, animations
  • Device native features – GPS,  voice-to-text, camera, digital signature

No Offline Compromises

  • Fast, smooth mobile experience
  • Large-scale data volumes
  • Wicked-fast sync
  • Anytime/anywhere access
  • Supports sketchy connectivity,  broken sync, conflicts and errors