451 Research: Strategies for Mobilizing Your Enterprise

How to Bridge the Mobile – Enterprise Systems Divide

Speaker: Chris Marsh, Principal Analyst, Enterprise Mobile App Strategies, 451 Research

The rapid adoption of mobile is fundamentally changing the way enterprises develop and deliver applications and services to their employees. To succeed companies need to understand and quickly act to meet the needs of their mobile workforce, while adapting their infrastructure, systems and processes, all while remaining flexible and extensible.  Hear Chris discuss insights and actionable strategies for understanding and adapting to the mobile workforce transformation.  Topics include:

  • Why Mobile workers have significantly different data and process needs
  • How to leverage data as a key corporate asset
  • Why Mobile architecture is fundamentally different than web applications
  • How IT’s role is changing from software architecture to data broker

You’ll also be introduced to TethrOn, a mobile platform built from the ground up to enable the Mobile First Enterprise.  You’ll come away with an understanding of how TethrOn addresses all 4 of the fundamental requirements for successfully mobilizing your Enterprise.


Ready to get started?  TethrOn is available as a free trial that you can quickly setup and test out using your data from your system(s) on your mobile device.